How To Take Mental Inventory


Stop and smell the roses. Take a break from life and relish the moment.

How many times do you actually sit down and think about where you're at, how you're feeling, and assessing your health and lifestyle?

Is there something in your life you just can’t get a handle on? How would you like to see your circumstances change? What are you willing or not willing to do in order to move in the right direction?

Sometimes we feel unindated with lists, projects, medical appointments, bills and unexpected events. Where you are in your life will determine how well you deal with each aspect of life’s happenings.

If you are on shaky ground, depressed or in a state of conundrum, you can become completely derailed. If you are in a positive place, living a life of order and organization, it may be easier to manage and think clearly. You will probably experience a more positive outcome. 

We all wish for the latter scenario. However, how many of us can actually say we are there? Not many. It’s not about seeking perfection in our life but reaching a happy medium. 

1. Make a list of how you’re feeling.

2. Take inventory of what you need to make yourself feel better. It can be as simple as scheduling in some quiet time for yourself, turning your devices off and making a quiet zone, spending more time with your spouse/significant other and/or children, taking a quiet walk, doing yoga, taking a nap or enjoying a cup of coffee/tea. Take in the fresh air and give yourself time to breathe.

These simple things will not cost you a penny. You can even block this time on your calendar or send yourself a reminder to take 10-15 minutes to just breathe. Some of us may need to actually get away. Take that trip you always wanted to go on and smell the roses. 

Here’s another exercise…

Close your eyes and think of your happy place.
It can be a place of nature, a library or a place near the water. Now, see where I’m going with this? Try to first get yourself to be in the moment and find peace and relaxation.

Lastly, what is holding you back? Work? Chores? Who will watch my kids? Think about your daily routine. Are the kids in school? Do I have a lunch break or free time from my job for a quick walk? These are all duable. You will find by just connecting with yourself and digging deep into your own mental health will make you realize what’s depleting you. 

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