Keeping Purpose in Your Life


Did you know recent studies show a life of purpose can lower your risk for stroke and heart attack? 


Our purpose changes as we go through life. When we are young, it can be as simple as pursuing our education or landing the right job. Later, it might be finding our partner, getting married and playing house.

Life continues to evolve. We might define purpose differently as we age. After loss, our purpose might even be continuing to complete a dream our loved one was not able to finish or continuing their legacy.

It can be raising awareness for a disease or serving your community. Everyone has a different definition of purpose. It's what drives us to get up, get dressed and hit the ground running. 

Is there an individual, book or organization that truly brings you great inspiration?

You might even think of someone you have admired and looked up to your whole life. Take inventory of the qualities they have that move you to be inspired. 

A life of service will give you a positive outlook and you will gain great strength in helping others. You will meet generous people along the way because they will be devoting part of their time to the same cause.  

We all have a discernible difference. I am a firm believer that everyone has a gift and talent that makes them different from the next person. The next step is identifying it and  implementing it in a positive way.

What's your purpose?

What do you want from your life?

What is your life about?

What drives you?

Why do you work?

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