The Great Christmas Card Dilemma!


It's December 1 and everything is full on Christmas, hustle and bustle!

We all feel the pressure building; decorating the tree, panic shopping, wrapping gifts, shipping gifts, and planning Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Who is on the list to invite? Oh, and getting the holiday menus in order!

If you are staying home for the holidays, you probably have more on your plate. Yes, decorating that holiday table! Now, add Christmas cards to the mix.

I always felt the pressure to get those cards out before Christmas Eve. Years ago, I was a calligrapher and my biggest account was Marshall Fields in Chicago. I would see so many invitations come through my desk each day. Perfection was my standard. I held the bar high when it came to my own Christmas cards. I would not think of sending out cards that were not each hand addressed in calligraphy because that's what I did for a living. 

Fast forward, two children later, more holiday commitments and less energy. I decided to lower my standards! Why do we feel the need to put so much pressure on ourselves during the holidays?

We received so many cards that I actually threw them in a Christmas basket and didn't have time to read them until late January. Not to mention, all those obnoxious brag letters!

The older I got, I asked myself, "Why do I have to send out cards during Christmas?" Getting the kids in their matching out fits in the perfect setting, and then getting them to smile without having a complete meltdown with the dog was insanity! Each year seemed harder than the next. Let's not forget, once my girls got older, they had an opinion on what they wanted to wear and I was not on board!

One day I had an idea. I accidentally missed sending the Christmas cards altogether and as I was looking through photos, I saw the cutest picture that captured my girls. Well, I missed Christmas but Valentine's Day was approaching, so why not?

I exchanged my idea from sending Christmas cards to sending Valentine's Day cards. One year, I even got my act together and sent Happy New Year cards.

Try to give yourself a break and ease up on a task that you can manage at another time. Your friends and family will still enjoy them. To be honest, they may even appreciate them at a later time.