Identifying Your Biggest Struggle


We all want to be in a good place but sometimes life just doesn't go as planned.

We all face challenges in life and some experience it more than others. How can we navigate ourselves through the rough waters? How do we come out afloat after going through the storm? It is not a process that can be solved overnight.

First and foremost, it starts with identifying our biggest obstacle we are facing by being honest with ourselves. There are times we look at our lives and it's hard to pinpoint exactly what's causing turmoil. If there is repeated loss or tragedy, it can be a build up of constant stress that has taken an emotional toll on us. 

There are several questions you can ask yourself:

1. How is this affecting my emotional and mental stability?

2. How is this affecting my physical health? 

3. Has it challenged my relationships with my family, work, friends, etc.?

Give yourself a time each day where you can write down what you are struggling with. Don't forget to balance the negative with the positive by writing down what you have achieved or a goal you hope to meet. 

A goal can be as simple as getting dressed, getting out of the house or going to the grocery store. In times of hardship, you may want to stay in bed and pull the covers over your head. Everyone's goals are different. Set your own benchmarks. Only you know what you are struggling with.


Stay Hopeful. 

Stay Positive.

Stay Resilient.