Your Circle of Influence






We all have different influences in our lives. These positive and negative people can either lift us up or tear us down.

Think about a family who has several children. They are raised by the same parents, live in the same household and attending the same school. Now, look at the difference in outside influences. Each child will be taught by different teachers, coaches, counselors and the students in their classroom will be different. Outside influences will change or make a difference in each child. As children grow up, we realize no two kids are alike. 

As adults, we are no different. Our life experiences, education, jobs and relationships continue to mold the person we become.

1. Are you supported by the people you surround yourself with?

2. Do they give you emotional support?

3. Are you in a positive environment?

4. Do you feel safe in your surroundings?

If you have answered NO to any of these questions, take a hard look at the issue.

5. Is there anything you can change in order to provide yourself with a better outcome?

6. Do you need to seek professional help to steer you in the right direction?

7. Who is that one person you can trust that has your best interest at heart?

8. Do they know what you're struggling with? Are they supportive? 

Sometimes it takes someone else to help guide us through tough times. Someone else may have a better perspective to help us get to the healthy place we are trying to attain. 

We all have positive and negative influences and influencers that enter our lives. It comes down to being able to recognize them and eliminating what may be harmful to us.

Stay Hopeful.

Stay Positive.

Stay Resilient.