Using Spirituality as Your Guiding Force



Spirituality can mean different things depending upon your beliefs. For some, it is the guiding force that keeps us on track.

Our outlook on life can help us grow stronger during troubling times and give us strength we may not realize we hold within.

Everyday we are challenged with life's complicated obstacles. We have know way of knowing what tomorrow will bring.

Every religion is different but all require faith. The two words that have always made an impact in my life have been faith and hope. Without these two words, I would have had a very dark outlook on life.

Faith gives us the power to believe that there is more than just life here on earth. Hopefully our spirit lives after this life and we can connect with our loved ones. 

Hope is very powerful. It gives us strength that we can overcome our obstacles with peace, good health and happiness. Hope gives us the strength to conquer the impossible.

When we are sick in the physical sense, we seek professional help to guide us through our journey in order to attain wellness. When we have mental challenges, there are different methods of treatment. Some patients go undiagnosed, while others require medication and therapy. This does not always work for all. 

Spirituality can be a key factor in finding peace and working towards wellness for some. Whether you believe there is a higher power or spirituality represents your inner voice, we are all looking for guidance. 

Think of what helps you when you are facing obstacles...

1. Do you have a place to go to find inner peace and reflect?

2. Meditation is another option to help you function. The philosophy behind meditation is training your brain to become more mindful on the present moment and letting go of negative thoughts that consume us. We need to block out the noise and listen to that inner voice that guides us.

3. What are you questioning? Reading different books on spirituality is a great way to learn about what's right for you. Depending on how you were raised, as you grow into adulthood you may start questioning what you were taught. 

4. Find something that is realistic to you. It sometimes boils down to the person who is delivering the message. Are they relatable? Do you see eye to eye with them? Are they realistic? It's all about finding a new perspective. 


Stay Hopeful.

Stay Positive.

Stay Resilient. 

Pamela SainComment