Lessons Learned From Attending An NA Meeting


I’m inspired to do better & be better!

Last night I attended a Narcotics Anonymous meeting; not because I struggle with drugs, but because I was looking for inspiration.

As I listened to everyone share their story, the biggest lesson I learned was change is possible. People can get better; but only if they truly want it.

I learned how people can lose absolutely everything; including their spouse, their children. They can spend time in jail, overdose, be on life support, or end up living on the streets homeless. Yet, the one thing they never lost was the strength to keep fighting, they were never too scared or broken to create change, and although their faith was tested, they never lost it.

Accept what you cannot change. Let go of what was. Have hope in what is yet to come. Learn from what has already been done.

I believe there is a misconception when it comes to recovering addicts. They are looked down on, they are called junkies, they are perceived as incapable of change and are called selfish.

However, they are human just like us. They have feelings too. They have dreams too. They have aspirations too. They want what we’re all striving for.…HAPPINESS!

I want to change the way we perceive recovering addicts. Be kind. Don’t judge. We all face battles. Some are just harder than others.

Stay Hopeful.

Stay Positive.

Stay Resilient.