New Year’s Reflections


It’s funny how it takes a new year to make a change or gain a different perspective. There’s a feeling of rebirth; a feeling of being reborn.

As 2019 approaches everything feels the same, everything is the same. So what makes a new year so exciting? Why does it always take a new year to get the motivation to want to create a fresh start?

I think it comes down to reflecting on everything we’ve overcome and everything we’ve survived.

It’s like a tool box, it takes years of collecting, practice and perfecting the skill. It’s not until you acquire all of these skills, can you finally create a masterpiece.

And that’s how I look at re-entering a new year. I am able to take everything I’ve learned and overcome, in hopes to carry it over into the next year.

Cheers to a new year of thriving, striving and surviving!

#purpose, #selfOlivia SainComment