Two Words That Can Determine Your Life's Course


Life is all about choices.

It starts with your parents influence, the environment in which you were raised, what you have been exposed to, your ability to discern right from wrong, who you choose to cultivate relationships with, how you learn from your mistakes/failures, and realizing that every action has a reaction.

From the time I was young, I I was taught to live my life by two words...CHOOSE WISELY. When we are young, we have two choices. We can choose to be a good student, get a part time job, commit to an athletic team or do community service. Or, we can choose not to apply ourselves, do just enough to get by, party with friends and have no responsibility. Whichever route we choose to take will determine our life's course. 

Who we choose to be when we're young sets the standard for the person we become as we enter adulthood. 

I remember being seven years old and going into the pet store and holding the most precious Pekingese named Mocha. It was love at first sight. I wanted to take her home so bad but we already had one dog at home, named Pugsley. I know I had to convince my dad at seven years old I'd be responsible to take care of Mocha along with Pugsley.

So, I went home and started counting my change and dollars that I saved over the years. When my dad came home, my sister and I presented him with all the money we had saved to buy Mocha. Granted, we did not have enough money to buy her. So, we had to give my dad a really good sales pitch! He in turn, sat us down and gave us a lecture on responsibility. He even drew up a contract. Yes! You read that right! A contract stating we would walk Mocha, feed her, pick up after her, continue to do our chores and maintain good grades at school. If we failed to do so, we wouldn't be able to keep Mocha. 

This taught me at an early age the importance of money, discipline, and keeping my word. This carried over into adulthood. Granted, I've made my share of mistakes and lost my way, but it's about finding your way back to your core values and staying true to who you are.

Your choices from day one will determine if you succeed or fail. You have to stay grounded and surround yourself with people who share similar beliefs if you want to succeed. 

Choose wisely in what you do. Choose wisely when it comes to peer pressure. Choose wisely in whom you're with. Choose wisely based on how you were raised, right from wrong, and what you stand for. Your reputation and standards must never be compromised.