If You Can't Find It, Create It!



I don't know about you, but there seems to be a loneliness to being gay. 

When I started my support group "The Butterfly Talks," I was searching for something I couldn't find. The more I looked, the more I learned about the need in our community. The LGBTQ community is so large, yet it seems so hard to find.  

Where do you meet people?

Where do you go?

Where do people go for support?

Where's the community?

I was searching for my tribe!

I knew I couldn't be the only one feeling this way. Why are there so many resources, support groups, and entertianment options for gay men?

Sometimes when we're looking for something, that means there's an opportunity to create it.

Most people who are successful are those who have filled a need. Sometimes it's the simplest and most obvious things that have the greatest need. 

Sometimes it doesn't occur to us that we can create it and jumpstart it ourselves until someone tells us. That's what happened to me. 

So, where do you find your tribe? Start reaching out to people in the community who not only share the same interest but have the network that you need for messaging. It only takes one person to help you get your feet off the ground!

Is there something in your life that you're searching for but can't seem to find? 

I leave you with one great quote: 

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples."
-Mother Teresa