What Wisdom Would I Impart On My Future Children?


For the longest time, I didn't think I wanted children. I felt it would be selfish of me to bring children into a world that I no longer wanted to be in. Not to mention, how dangerous the world is becoming. 

However, now that I'm older, wiser, and have finally reached a healthy place physically, mentally and emotionally, I think having children is something I'd like to experience. 

I recently attended a scholarship ceremony. As I was listening to the opening remarks, the one speech that resonated the most with me was "Preparing for tragedy."

When you think of a commencement speech, it's purpose is to impart wisdom on students who are about to launch into a career. They usually talk about never giving up, setting goals, how to be successful, and failures. However, no one seems to talk about preparing for tragedy and sadness. 

My father always taught me to "Expect the unexpected." 

I’ve learned so much about life and have found myself at a young age, despite life’s curveballs. There have been so many life lessons, aha moments, and realizations. So, what wisdom would I want to impart on my future children? 

I’d tell them to prepare for tragedy, prepare for loss, prepare for sadness, prepare for heartbreak, and prepare for days when you’re unsure as to how to go on. 

But most of all, prepare for the best time of your life, prepare for memories that will never die, prepare for people who make life worth living, and prepare for creating a legacy that can continue to inspire future generations.