My 60 Second Speech To The World


You will face obstacles in life that test your mental stability.

You will learn what it means to be resilient; having the power to persevere. 

Choose wisely. Life is hard. But it's even harder when we make poor decisions.

Make yourself a priority. Never sacrifice your own well-being for another person.

Love yourself. It will determine the relationships you have in the future.

Never settle. You are everything someone is looking for. Have enough respect to know what you deserve. 

Free yourself from anything that may be harmful to you.

Take care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally; it will give you the strength to fight diseases you may face.

Don't let disagreements, fights or opinions destroy your relationship with the people who make life worth living. 

Stay hopeful. It can give you the strength to keep fighting and conquer the impossible. 

Always have something to look forward to. 

Give back to your community. It can help you heal and bring meaning to your life.

What you do everyday, will determine if you choose to stay or walk away.

Live a life you're proud of.

Live the best life you possibly can because giving up is not an option!