Changing The Way We Write Eulogies


Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm 30 years old today! I still feel 12. It must be the pink panther t-shirt I'm wearing!

Our 20's are either the most exciting time of our life or the most difficult. For me, I hated my 20's. They were the worst years of my life. So, I'm saying goodbye to my 20's and resurrecting the 30's! 

On my birthday, I'm asking my friends and family to write me a eulogy. I'm sure you're thinking, "That's morbid and why would I want that?"

Well, I learned a very profound lesson after losing my father. As I heard all the great stories and positive things people had to say, I asked myself, "Why do we wait until someone is gone to tell them how important they were and how much they meant to us? We immediately think of all the things that went unsaid. 

I want everyone to imagine I was really gone and as if they never saw me again. What do they wish they would have said? What would the world be like without me? Have I made an impact in their life? Have I taught them a lesson? 

With each loss I experienced, a new lesson was learned; how precious life truly is, to never take anyone for granted and how life can forever change within a matter of seconds. 

We spend so much time worrying, living in fear and consumed with ourselves. It's not until we lose someone, do we start to have regrets.

We ask ourselves:

1. Why didn't I spend more time with that person? 

2. Why didn't I make more time for phone calls?

3. I wish I told them I loved them more.

4. Why didn't I tell them how I felt?

5. I wish they knew how much they impacted my life.

I hope this changes the way  you live your life. Think about someone who is important to you. Don't wait until they're gone to let them know how much they mean to you.

Some people don't think this will happen to them. Sometimes we have to lose what we had to truly appreciate it.

Tragedy does not discriminate. It's like a numbers game. At some point it will come knocking on your door! 

So, say the things that would go unsaid!