What's Worth Fighting For?


Life is all about perspective.

It’s how we look at things, how we appreciate things and how we live our lives.

And, that’s what I want to talk about today. A day to honor and remember those who have died serving our country.

So, what does it mean to serve our country?

It means fighting and dying for those who are strangers, fighting for a country you believe in, fighting for people who can continue living their lives, fighting to keep others safe, fighting so others can pursue their dreams, fighting so others can simply live.

Despite your political views, the one fact no one can deny is without our soldiers, none of us could live the way we live. The reason we are able to go about our day with choices is because of our soldiers. And, I think a lot of us forget about that. It’s so easy to complain, whine, and criticize, but in reality, we truly have it good.

The next time you complain about being away from your family, the next time you complain about your boss, the next time you complain about not having enough vacation time, stop and think about what a soldier has to complain about; not knowing if they will live or die, not knowing if they will see their wife/husband or children again, not knowing if they will survive even the next hour.

Live a life our soldiers who risk their lives for would be proud of.

The next time you go out in the world, observe your surroundings, pay attention to how people treat others, listen to what people consider problems, and you decide if that’s worth fighting for.