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5 Reasons Pamela & Olivia Sain Should Be Your Next Speakers:

  1. They are genuine & candid, with a message that combines experience & research.

  2. They understand that the impact of grief & loss is unique to every individual.

  3. They understand that people need practical strategies to move forward.

  4. They will teach you basic survival skills to employ following a loss.

  5. They provide a blend of two perspectives from two generations.


As people who have the firsthand experience of receiving sudden news, we know what your clients/customers/employees need to hear. You need to be realistic, factual, sensitive, and we know how to balance that fine line between personable and professional.  

As a mother and daughter spanning across generations, we’ve been hired to teach The 5 P’s to Navigating & Overcoming Tremendous Loss.

We have the tools to provide an exceptional customer experience, even in the worst of times. Fill in this form and we’ll be in touch.

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